Shana Tova!

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a really long time! 

Things are going really well here – we are all done with our training (thankfully)! I got my school placement and I’m going to start observing the routine in my school next week. I’m excited but also really nervous to start teaching English. Did y’all know that there are over 15 tenses in English?? I am suddenly feeling very foolish for complaining about learning Hebrew.

Today is Rosh Hashanah, or the Jewish New Year. I went to a host family’s house here in Netanya and I had one of the best nights of my life! My host family is a British woman who made aliyah, her Israeli husband and their 5 children. I instantly fell in love with every single one of them. Their oldest is 15 and their youngest looked to be about 6 years old. Of all the kids, they only have one daughter, a really sweet girl named Michal (one of my favorite Israeli names) that I immediately connected with. I felt so comfortable with them and I was so excited when they invited Carmel and me back for lunch tomorrow! I love how being Jewish automatically allows me to walk into a total stranger’s home and leave feeling like I just gained a support system. 

It’s 2 am here, so I’m going to call it a night. I’m going to try to blog more often so I can keep everyone updated on what’s going on in the homeland. 

Shana Tova l’coolam!


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