Israeli children

Last week, an innocent looking little 4th grade girl came up to me. She excitedly told me, “look, Kira. Watch!” And just to make sure I understood what she was saying, she said it in Hebrew, English, and she pointed to my eyes and then to her. So I’m expecting something fantastic, like she’s about to recite Shakespeare to me. But instead she turns around, walks toward one of the other students, double checks that I’m watching her, and starts kicking the crap out of one of the other students. The boy who fell victim to her unexplained aggression looked at me with confusion, shock, and pleading in his eyes. Obviously, at the time the situation was not remotely amusing (even though I am laughing hysterically as I write this story now). I probably had the same bewildered expression on my face as the boy. So I go up to the girl, as she is mid-swing, and ask her why she is kicking this boy. She looks at me, dumbfounded that I don’t know why she is acting like this, (obviously 10 year olds are supposed to play kickball with their friends’ bodies) and tells me that it’s “just a game.” And as soon as I reply that I don’t like this “game” of hers, she looks at me, astonished that I’m not proud of her so-called game, shrugs her shoulders, and then returns to her seat. 

These past few weeks have been so busy! I went to Jerusalem for a seminar on Israeli diplomacy where I learned and ate a lot, went windsurfing on the beach, visited with my host family, got a haircut, went to Jerusalem again to promote my teaching program to birthright students, hung out with some awesome Israelis, and went to my friend Reut’s house. I feel like I’m finally starting to mesh into Israeli society, so I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next!

I also want to wish my dad a very happy birthday! עד מאה ועשרים!! I wish I was there to celebrate with you, but I’m there in spirit! I love you, Dad!! 


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