3 months removed

So I’ve been back in the U.S. for 3 full months now. Weird. Israel seems like it’s a world away and it feels like the life that I had there was a lifetime away.

It’s funny, though, how totally different the 2 cultures are, yet I feel like I adapted between them pretty easily. I am definitely more outspoken and impatient now than I was before living in Israel but comparing Israeli culture to American culture is impossible. They are very different and as much as I love friendly people, reasonable prices, and good customer service, I also really miss the weekly greeting of “Shabbat Shalom,” the fact that everything closes down for Jewish holidays rather than Christian ones, awful Sheirut drivers, hearing Hebrew being spoken, and, of course, hummus.

The fact that it took so long to get a job definitely didn’t help my mental health. Sitting around thinking about what I did when I was in Israel is extremely unhealthy, not to mention that it’s incredibly depressing. For a while I felt like that stereotypical girl who got dumped and, instead of getting drunk and then moving on with her life (like a normal person), she just sits around and reminisces about the “good times.”

Don’t get me wrong – being in America is great. Seriously. I have everything I could or want here. And I’m so incredibly grateful for that. I have an amazing family and even though most of my friends don’t live near me, I’m so happy to be back in their time zone again.  

Since being home, I’ve been busying myself with knitting, cooking, doing yoga, re-learning the guitar, and reading…and of course facebook stalking. I even went to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert last week with my friend Adam. It was so awesome! And I start my new job as a nanny next week and I’m really excited about that. I get to take care of 3 adorable little kids and I know that that will be tons of fun!

I can’t believe that a year ago, I was celebrating the holidays in Israel with the prospect of 10 months ahead of me. It seemed like such a long time, but it went by too quickly. But, if I there’s anything that I learned in Israel, it’s that יהיה בסדר, or as Shlomy says, הכל בסדר, יהיה מצוין!


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