An ode to my father

My dad is an amazing man, which I’ve always known. But I’ve never fully appreciated how strong and persistent he is, until now. 

Over 30 years ago, my dad moved from South Africa to America. He had no family, no money, and university loans awaiting him in Houston, Texas. But being the brave man he is, he flew around the world and started a life for himself.

Being so far away, and with international calls being so expensive, it was difficult for him to talk to his family more than once a month or so. I honestly can’t even imagine going that long without talking to my family. Just the thought of it makes me sand and upset. But my father, being the persevering and determined man that he is didn’t let that stop him from finishing optometry school and eventually settling into a new life that he alone established.

23 years later, I, like my father before me, moved halfway across the world. It’s hard growing up, regardless of where in the world you are, but this transition seems especially hard for me since I’m so far from my loved ones. Thankfully for me, I am able to call, text, facebook, and blog to keep in touch with everyone that I left back in America. Even with all of this new technology available, I am still struggling to feel like I’m not missing out on things back home.

I can say with 100% certainty that should I not be able to talk to my family at least once a week, I would have moved back to America by now. I have no idea how my fearless father was able to be so independent, so tenacious, so courageous. I’m truly in awe of you, Dad.


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