Am I in your way?

Last weekend, we made a routine grocery run. Since I was virtually out of food, some necessities (shoko) were required. 

Running to any store in Israel means that not only will you spend at least 15 minutes waiting in the check out line, but also that you will argue at least 2 people about who was in line first. (I don’t care what you think, but putting an item on the conveyor belt before you start shopping does NOT save you a place in line). 

After I got through a relatively painless check out line, the lady in front of me realized that she forgot to buy cigarettes. She decided that the best course of action would be to stop packing up her groceries and to yell at the cashier. Seeing as it was my turn, the cashier couldn’t just sell the lady her cigarettes. I’m more than accustomed to this behavior so I didn’t really think much of it.

But. As this was happening, another lady joined the fray and demanded cigarettes as well. I paid, and as I reached for a grocery bag, I realized that these two nicotine-starved women had forced us back about 5 feet so that we can’t reach our groceries or the bags. I tried to move around to get a bag and was given both a “don’t you dare” stare while simultaneously being pushed back even further. I had to interrupt the screams about cigarettes and demand a bag.

Morals of the story: Stay far away from middle-aged women buying cigarettes, Never expect grocery shopping to be short or the process to anything less than difficult, and Be nice to your cashier. She is stuck at the grocery store all day long. 


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