What are you?

Identity is a fascinating thing. The most basic elements prove to shape you the most – your name, gender, skin color and nationality have a massive influence on who you are. 

A friend of mine has a relatively common story for Israelis: He was born to Israeli parents but lived in America for 8 years in his early childhood. We have a running joke that he is 30% American. This conversation comes up frequently enough that there has been talk of creating a pie chart diagraming exactly how Israeli vs. how American he is. 

But really, it’s pretty crazy how this one detail has such a huge impact on your own self-perception, as well as the way others view you. I can’t list all the ways that being an American has shaped and affected me, just as I can’t for certain tell you the ways that living in Israel has impacted me. But I can definitely say that just as his 30 and 70 equal 100, my unique fraction of nationalities equal the same.


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