Elections 2015

I voted!

Today was the Israeli elections for the next coalition government and I cast my vote! The last month has been full of lunch time political discussions, campaign ads, and harassment by different political party supporters. It is common knowledge that every Israeli has at least 6 opinions on one topic so it will be interesting to see how the results turn out.

The voting process was surprisingly efficient and I only waited about 5 minutes, including standing in line (my first ever line in Israel where no one tried to cut!), having my identity verified and actually casting my ballot. Compared to the last American election, this procedure was way more streamlined.

Coming from Texas, I know that my vote doesn’t count for much – voting liberally in a conservative state is practically a joke as the electoral college always goes to the Republicans. It was so exciting to know that my voice was actually being heard and might make a (very slight) difference!

Unfortunately, I did not get the obligatory voting picture and they didn’t hand out “I voted” stickers (boo), so I have no “souvenirs” so to speak. But who knows…maybe my party will succeed and that will be a great trophy.


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